Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter Card featuring Egg Shaped Bunny and Chick

My son and I worked on putting together cute Easter egg shaped bunnies and chicks from a felt and foam activity kit I bought at Michael's craft store.  An easy and fun afternoon craft project for Easter.
After we made a few, we decided they would make cute Easter cards. So we got out brown cards and cut pastel green paper into grass. To save time, we only cut grass where you could see it when the card was finished.

Here's our Happy Easter card with an Easter egg shaped bunny and chick.

My preschooler is working on all sorts of writing and drawing activities to develop his handwriting skills. So he was in charge of writing Happy Easter inside the cards.

I love the egg shaped Easter critters. If you can't find a similar Easter themed felt activity kit, you could make cute egg shaped bunnies and chicks out of paper.

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