Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Creative Baby Proofing - Securing Kitchen Drawers

I love using magnetic baby locks for our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. They are more expensive than traditional safety door latches, but they have been worth the extra expense as they don’t allow pinched baby fingers or noisily banging cabinet doors open and shut. Their best feature is that they can be switched on and off, so when our son outgrew this stage I was able to turn them off for a few years until our daughter was born and we again needed extensive baby proofing. My husband likes that they don’t need to be uninstalled when children outgrow the baby stage. In fact, they are also useful if you have guests visiting with little ones. Unfortunately we didn’t discover magnetic door latches right away with our first child, so they aren’t installed on every kitchen drawer and cabinet in our home. Since our daughter is a little explorer, she quickly figured out which drawers were not locked. As we found out the hard way, she can make quick work of emptying their contents all over the kitchen floor! Until we install another pack of magnetic door locks, we needed a quick baby proofing solution. I initially thought a yard stick would do the trick, but we didn’t have one of those on hand so my husband creatively grabbed a few of our son’s Discovery Kids building sticks from the playroom.

What was once used to build a fort, igloo, or rocket ship is now a creative way to keep our baby from getting into the kitchen drawers! It has worked great for several weeks.  I’m moving up the installation of more magnetic baby locks on the to do list, because it’s only a matter of time before our baby figures out how to work around this temporary baby proofing fix.

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