Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Shower Ideas - Hang a Cute Clothesline for Baby

Our family’s favorite decoration for baby showers is the always popular clothesline for baby. It’s so simple to pull together and makes a big impact.

Gather super cute baby clothes, bibs, wash clothes, decorated burp clothes, or even cloth diapers, especially items requested on the baby gift registry in colors and patterns that compliment the theme and other decor of the baby shower.
Use two removable hooks to hang a temporary clothesline on an empty area of a wall (we used reusable 3M Command Hooks they remove clean from the wall and do not require any tools for installation or removal). You don’t have to use an actual clothesline, we made ours out of pretty ribbon. Use clothespins to hang all the baby items onto your clothesline making a large wall decoration for the baby shower.

Tip: If you have heavy items to hang, consider making knots every few inches in the clothesline to help prevent the clothespins from sliding to the center or one side. Also, it helps to have a mix of clothes, use complete outfits and tiny lightweight items like baby socks for a nice balance and to keep the weight of the clothesline manageable.

Best of all, after the party’s over this party decoration turns into a pile of useful gifts for baby. You can even fold the clothes into a neat stack and tie it with the ribbon used to create the clothesline, reuse at it’s finest!

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