Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Save Money on Gas – Find the Lowest Price

Have you ever filled up your tank only to drive a mile and find a different gas station is 2¢, 5¢, or even 10¢ less? It may sound trivial, but saving an average of 10¢ on my typical 18 gallon fill-up once a week yields roughly a $100 a year savings. For me, it’s more about the principle of not paying more for the same product. Thanks to the power of collaboration enabled by the Internet, you don’t have to worry about paying too much for gas! Just visit GasBuddy.com before you leave home, or use their mobile site, GasBuddyToGo.com, from your web enabled phone.

If you’ve heard your local news report on changing gas prices or have seen a “heat map” like this one, this data may have originated from GasBuddy. The site works by allowing people like you or me to become “spotters” – you register to report the prices you see on your daily drive. While the site does provide prizes based on participation, most spotters are motivated to share so they can take advantage of the collective information.

To try it out, visit GasBuddy.com HERE and search for your City, State or Zip Code – you can scroll around to see the various reported prices. If prices are changing rapidly, you might want to select a shorter “timeout” in the lower right – this will filter the reports that are older than your selection, so you don’t show up at a station to find the price was hiked overnight.

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