Wednesday, January 29, 2014

String Cheese Snowmen - Winter PreSchool Snack’s cold outside. With negative temps and snow in the forecast, we decided to build snowmen inside in a fun food way. After I spotted a picture of Snowmen Cheese Sticks, I knew they would be an easy and fun snack to make for my son’s preschool class on his snack day.

Other than the cheese sticks, we had all the supplies on hand to create string cheese snowmen.
We used black card stock for hats, blue ribbon for scarves, and a couple sharpies (orange and black) to make faces. After cutting out the black top hats, we decided to add a strip of red card stock and a small snowflake punched out of white paper with a glue stick. Finished hats were then adhered to each cheese stick using a glue dot.  Next we drew faces with sharpies, tied on scarves, and drew three more black dots down the front of each snowman.
As a safety precaution, I drew a snowman face on a cheese stick in advance and stuck it in the refrigerator overnight and opened it the next day to make sure the sharpies didn't bleed through onto the food.

My son enjoyed sharing string cheese snowmen with his class along with some baby carrots for snack time.  A string cheese snowman would make a cute lunchbox surprise too.

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