Sunday, November 29, 2009

Earn Cash Back for Your Online Shopping Purchases

Who can resist shopping online these days? You can’t deny the convenience, the wide selection of products and services available, and the truly unbeatable hours. Now, there’s a new reason to shop online, one that should persuade even the die hard brick and mortar supporters…receiving cash back on your purchases! It’s like getting paid to simply do your regular shopping. No coupons, discounts, sales, or special deals required. It’s easy to get started earning a percentage back on your online purchases.

First, know that there are several companies that offer to pay you cash back for your online purchases. The list below is a few cash-back companies that we frequently use and have successfully received cash back from our online shopping purchases.

Second, we recommend creating accounts with one or more companies that offer cash back on the stores that you shop at online. Not all stores offer cash back, but now more stores offer it than not. Check out the lists of stores at the companies below and create an account. Each company has different payout criteria.

Cash-Back CompanyList of StoresPayout Criteria“Pending” PeriodSign Up Link
EbatesClick Here$5 min, check sent quarterly or PaypalMax 30 daysClick Here - $5 bonus for signing up!
MrRebatesClick Here$10 min, check or PaypalMax 90 daysClick Here - $5 bonus for signing up!
Bing CashbackClick Here$5 min, check or direct depositMax 60 daysClick Here
FatWalletClick Here$10 min for check, any amount via PaypalMax 60 daysClick Here

Finally, start shopping online and earning a percentage back! It’s really that easy. You’re savings checks will be on their way shortly. Happy Shopping! And more importantly, Happy Saving!

Saving Strategy: For our family, the best way to take advantage of these savings is by checking each cash-back company (listed above) to determine which is currently offering the greatest percentage cash back for the store you wish to make your purchase. Note that just as stores offer sales on items, these cash-back companies frequently increase specific store cash-back percentages. Splitting your cash-back among different sites may take longer to get your cash back checks, but provides the greatest overall savings.

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