Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Repurposing Mismatched Holey Socks

I don’t know if there’s a little monster living in my dryer that gobbles up socks, but it always seems like I find single unmatched socks when putting the laundry away?! Then there are the inevitable holey socks that are no longer wearable. It’s definitely not by choice, but I have an ongoing stack of mismatched, holey socks.

Before I chuck them into the trash, I found that they are perfect for cleaning my outdoor clotheslines! We have a lot of birds at our house, so our outdoor clotheslines need wiped down before each use. I love that the seemingly unusable socks do the job perfectly and can be thrown in the wash with my cleaning clothes and reused. When they get too stained, I just use them to clean something icky like around the toilet in the bathroom and toss them in the trash.

When I was a kid, I remember going to my grandma’s house for summer vacations and she would always do her dusting and cleaning with old socks. I’m sure there are a million uses for them, so until my invisible monster decides to return all the disappearing socks, I’m just going to put the mismatched and holey socks to good use.

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  1. Great idea! Maybe I'll start keeping some under the sink with the cleaning supplies so I'll remember :)

  2. Hi Tabby - Great idea to stash a few old socks with the cleaning supplies!

  3. Great idea and LOVE your blog! Glad to be a follower and thanks for visiting mine :)

  4. Hi Nancy - Thanks for visiting DigiCrumbs and for the follow!

  5. what a great idea. That never crossed my mind. I'm going to do the same thing now.


  6. OH, Here is a great use for old mismatched socks...I'm a teacher, I use them for the white board at work! I also use them for dusting in the house.

    My kids use mini white boards at school too and use the socks for cleaning them!

    ~michelle bank

  7. Hi Michelle and Yolie - Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. :)