Saturday, November 7, 2009

XBOX 360 Arcade - $99 after $100 eGiftcard from Walmart!

As many of you may have seen advertised this week, Walmart has a special on the XBOX 360 Arcade edition for $199 + a $100 Giftcard that works at and Despite advertisements indicating that this would be an in-store special only starting at 8am Saturday morning, the console + giftcard is available on-line through I just picked one up for only $94.55 - including Tax and Shipping!!! Here's how:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Search for "Walmart Cashback"
  • 3. Click on the Sponsored Site link at the top that should say "Get 10% cashback on..."
  • 4. If you aren't already signed up for Bing cashback, sign up. They pay you through Paypal or by mailing a check after 60 days.
  • 5. Once on search for "xbox 360 arcade egift"
  • 6. For me, shipping was $8.97, tax was $6.48, I get $19.90 from Bing, and $100 in an eGift card for a net price of $94.55!!!
I have heard rumors that Walmart will be having similar deals every Saturday until Christmas - hopefully they will show up online like this one did.

Update: has sold out of the XBOX deal. Amazon is matching this deal with a special GoldBox offer for today - they sold out in about 10 minutes at 9am ET, and they are offering another set at 3pm ET. Click here for the Amazon gold box deals. Of note, Amazon appears to also be matching Walmart's deals with a $29 Sony DVD player and it appears a Bluray player will be offered at 6pm ET and a laptop at 4pm ET. Gotta love these early holiday deals!!!

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