Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Adventures in Baby Proofing: Metal Floor Vents

This morning I put my son in his “baby proofed” playroom after breakfast. While I was cleaning up the kitchen, I suddenly noticed everything was quiet. Although I enjoy rare quiet moments as much as the next mom, after 18 months I certainly know that quiet is not always a good thing. So I decided to check on him. Since I didn’t see him at first, I peeked behind the couch. There he was sitting innocently on the floor with the metal floor vent cover removed trying to shove one of my flip flops down the hole!

I removed the flip flop and was about to put the vent cover back over the hole when I decided to reach in to make sure he didn’t stash away any other little surprises. Sure enough it was filled with all sorts of treasures. On my first reach into the hole, I pulled out piggy. He had been missing for quite some time, so it was nice to reunite him with the other farm animals. Then I stuck my arm in again and revealed the mysterious disappearing magnetic letter reader. I know that I’ve searched the house up and down on several occasions looking for that one. Then I reached my hand down there again and I either touched a hairy bug or a little dust so I quickly pulled it back out for now. Note to self: clean out the vents. Anyway, that was enough excitement for one day!

So today I learned that if something can come apart, my son will figure out a way! Also, no matter how much you baby proof a room, it will never really be completely baby proofed. There’s always something new to explore!

Then I started to think…I wonder what else is down that hole? And if he managed to hide things in the vent hole what else did he take apart and possibly hide? But the biggest question of all, how do you baby proof a metal forced air heat/AC vent?

As a new mom, I often have more questions than answers, but every day is filled with new adventures and you have to love that!


  1. I so appreciate scary 'quiet' time. Love the post and so glad you found the missing. Following you from MBC!

  2. That makes me laugh so hard. It's not as bad as having opened 3 bottles of nail polish and getting it all over the bed, carpet, toys and kid! OH man, it's a good thing I have a sense of humor! I'm following you now. Cute blog!

  3. Hilarious! I think you can get vent covers that screw in. Or check with www.MyPreciousKid.com - I'm sure she could find or already has something for you.

    I followed you from MBC and the Under 100 group.

    Tina "the Book Lady"

  4. Hi again - I just emailed kay at www.mypreciouskid.com to see if she has any ideas. Her website store is all about child safety products and baby gear. She may have a coupon at her merchant circle store too.

    Tina "The Book Lady"

  5. Boy oh boy when the little munchkins are quiet it usually means that some exploring is going on. He,he,he! Make sure to call a proffessional and ask how they can secure the vents. At least the one in the playroom. A good thing to use if they have not figured out a way to take off the vent, but put things through the vent is cheese cloth. Don't forget that one, because it sounds like you have a very clever little one! See you around the Hen House!

    Mama Hen