Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tip for Packing a Compact and Organized Suitcase

My husband and I love to travel. We have a huge list of places we’ve been and an even bigger list of place we would love to see. These days with all the additional fees and restrictions on luggage, keeping an organized, compact suitcase is a real necessity.

My simple solution is to use zip top bags to pack each person’s smaller like items. I use a sharpie to label the contents and owner of each bag (for example, “Mom’s Socks”). You can then fill the bag leaving a small opening at the top, press out all the air making it extremely compact and organized, and then seal the bag. It's like a smaller version of the Space Saver Travel Bags.

If you need to share a suitcase to minimize extra baggage fees, you no longer need to stress about someone rooting through the suitcase to the point where everything is impossible to find. It also helps to ensure that clean items are not mixed up with dirties.

When I unpack our luggage at the end of the trip, I just save the baggies inside a suitcase to reuse on our next trip. An organized suitcase makes for happy travelers and that definitely works for me!

Happy Travels!


  1. I totally agree. I LOVE ziplock bags! I did a WFMW post on traveling too, here's the link if you want to check it out!

  2. What a great idea! We travel back to our hometown quite frequently, and it always seems as if the kiddos lose their undies and socks in their suitcases. This would definitely help solve that problem!