Friday, June 11, 2010

A Groundhog, a Trap, and a Surprise!

Well, I thought our great groundhog adventures had happily come to an end. Unfortunately for us, as often happens in all good stories things were not as they seemed. It all started when I spotted another groundhog on our back patio. Oh boy, I thought here we go again! My husband opened the backdoor which was all it took to get the groundhog moving. I raced to the front of the house to peek out the window and sure enough I spotted our new groundhog leaping down the infamous hole! So here we go again: same hole, new groundhog.

With one successful trapping under our belt, we followed our own advice on how to successfully trap a groundhog. This groundhog reacted the same way as the last one and hung out in the burrow for a few days before finally venturing out. With a little patience, we successfully trapped a second groundhog! Wahoo! I even joked with my husband that we are now expert trappers, since we successfully trapped two large groundhogs. 

Again thinking our groundhog adventures were over, I peeked out my son’s bedroom window the next morning only to see something I could have never imagined….four baby groundhogs. Seriously, this couldn’t get any worse. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Expert trappers or not, this was going to be a whole new challenge for sure. It’s definitely starting to feel like a zoo at our house. My 1 year old son was enjoying watching these little furry creatures out the window…hey, at least someone’s happy!

Stay tuned for more on our new baby groundhogs. Another day, another new adventure!

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  1. Good luck! I'll bet those babies are cute though. :) following back from MBC.