Friday, August 13, 2010

Taylor Digital Luggage Scale – My Newest Travel Companion!

Taylor #8120 Digital Luggage ScaleAfter one too many airport incidents that involved rearranging items in our suitcases to avoid overweight luggage charges, I realized a luggage scale was an absolute travel must for our family. We purchased the Taylor Digital Luggage Scale and I couldn’t be happier.

On our last trip, we didn’t have access to a scale at our hotel. I remember my husband balancing a suitcase in each hand trying to guess if the weight was evenly distributed and under the limit…argh! Definitely not a fun way to end a vacation!

A digital luggage scale makes it super easy. I like it because it is accurate, easy to use and pack, light weight, and best of all it eliminates surprise expenses and the dreaded juggling act at the airport. At less than $20, this item will pay for itself in avoided overage charges, but better yet the peace of mind it provides allows me to be a prepared, relaxed traveler (even with kids along) which is totally worth the small investment!

With travel on the brain due to an upcoming family trip, I decided to share one of our new favorite must have travel items and this weeks Friday Find, featuring a great product, person, place or project that brightens your day and makes life a little easier.


  1. What a great product. I'm following you from MBC.

  2. What a great product! Thanks for sharing. It's awkward and embarrassing to be rearranging clothes from one suitcase to another in the middle of the airport. Not to mention sending my underwear home in my 21 year old son's suitcase because they were all in one bag together!

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