Friday, June 18, 2010

Tape Measure Card with Photo and Gift Card Holder - Happy Father's Day!

For Father’s Day, we made my Dad a custom Tape Measure Card. Dad’s definitely the family handyman and a real do it yourselfer. My three year old niece even calls him “The Fixer”, since he’s always working on a project or fixing something for someone. This card is the perfect way to help us celebrate Father’s Day.

I originally saw the idea on Disney’s Family Fun website, but made a few additions to really make it our own like adding a photo of my son with his pappy and a gift card holder.

It’s really easy to make and is constructed with items you probably have around the house. Here are a few materials and instructions you’ll need to make your very own faux tape measure card:

Materials List

Rectangular Box (recycle an empty macaroni and cheese box or another box of a similar size)
Aluminum Foil
Black Paper
Yellow Card Stock
Black Marker
Tape and/or Double Sided Tape
A Real Tape Measure (Optional, use as inspiration)
Photo (Optional)
Gift Card (Optional)


1. Make all your cuts, as shown.
- Cut the rectangular box in half across the middle.
- Cut half the bottom section at a diagonal.
- Cut a 1” by 11” inch strip of yellow card stock to make the ruler tape.
- Either cut a 3” inch square of yellow cardstock OR cut in the shape as shown in the image to add a photo and gift card.
- Cut a piece of aluminum foil to 2 ½” by 6” inches.

2. Tape one end of the strip of yellow card stock to the lower right edge of the box. To make it extra sturdy be sure to use two pieces of tape: one to connect the strip to the inside of the box and one to connect the strip to the outside of the box.

3. Insert the bottom of the box (the one that is cut on the diagonal) into the top of the box.

4. Wrap the box with black paper. Remember to leave a space for the ruler tape to slide in and out.

5. Fold the 2 ½” x 6” piece of aluminum foil into thirds lengthwise, then fold it into a flat tab about 1” inch long. Tape it to the end of the yellow ruler tape strip.

6. Write a message on the yellow strip and add ruler markings. Then push it inside the box.

A few ideas for the special ruler tape message:
  - Dad, You Rule!
  - We love you thiiiiis much!
  - You really go the distance, Dad!
  - Happy Father’s Day Dad, You Rule!
  - Happy Birthday Dad, You Rule!

7. If you are adding a photo and gift card, fold the yellow card stock on the lines. On the outside of the yellow paper card write “tape measure”. On the inside, tape a photo to the left side.  Then on the right side, fold the flap up and secure it with tape to make a pocket for the gift card. Cut off the top two corners. On the gift card pocket write a message like “Happy Father’s Day! We Love You!” and insert your gift card into the pocket. Put double sided tape on the back of the yellow card and adhere it to the black tape measure box to complete the project.

I just love how our faux tape measure card turned out, complete with a fun hidden message, personalized photo, and gift card holder. It will make the perfect Father’s Day Card or Happy Birthday Card for the Do It Yourselfer in your life.

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  1. Seriously cute - we may have to try this today. Dropping by and following from MBC
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  2. Ok, this is soooo CUTE! I've been feeling like most of the crafts I've seen lately are more geared towards girls...and I have a son! Thanks for sharing your great idea!

  3. Hey there! That is the cutest idea! I love it! Thank you for the tip and the directions. Thank you for visiting the Hen House again! You'll see me around! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. What a great idea! My husband is a carpenter - how perfect for him!
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  6. Have a great Father's Day! Have fun! :)

    Mama Hen

  7. Such a cute idea! Love it.

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