Monday, February 14, 2011

Handmade Heartstring Cutout Valentine’s Day Card – Reveals Photo and Special Message

Project Inspiration - Photo Source:
I love paper crafts and when I first saw the Heartstrings Valentine’s Day Card in Martha Stewart Living, I knew I wanted to make it for the grandparents this Valentine’s Day. It's based on a spiderweb or cobweb valentine, which I never heard of before but are so delicate and beautiful. This heart shaped version is definitely a special card that not only looks great, but also features an interactive heart string that when pulled reveals a secret valentine's day message.

I always like to add a special personal touch to my projects and wanted to include a photo on my Valentine’s Day cards. Rather than write a message under the cutout heart, I decided to hide a recent photo of my little sweetheart, my son, and his cousin with the message “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on the photo for a fun surprise the grandparents are sure to love.

Here's what you'll need to make your own Heartstring Valentine’s Day Card:
-Craft Knife
-Self Healing Cutting Mat
-Scissors and Scallop Scissors (optional)
-Embroidery Floss (or other string) and Sewing Needle
-Double Sided Tape and Glue
-Photo or Pen to write a Special Valentine’s Day Message
-Patterned Paper
-Card Stock
-Heart Template available at, printed

1.Fold patterned paper if half and align the heart template.

2.Cut out the heart shape with scissors and carefully cutout all lines in template with a craft knife. I cut all lines possible with scissors as it was easier for me than trying to cut with a craft knife. I had to push really hard for the craft knife to cut through the thickness of the template and both sides of the patterned paper I selected. Unfold heart.

3.Thread embroidery floss through sewing needle. Make a small knot on one end of the floss and thread it up through the center of the paper heart (the knot should be hidden on the back side of the patterned paper). Cut out a small heart from cardstock and tape the floss to the heart. I used a red foil sticker in the shape of the heart in place of tape.

4. Using scallop or regular scissors, cut a heart shape out of card stock that’s a little larger than the cut out heart in patterned paper. Write your message or adhere a photo to the center of the card stock heart.

5. Using craft glue spread a thin layer on the outer cut out ring on the back side of the patterned paper heart and carefully adhere it to card stock. I placed scrap paper between the outer ring and the rest of the cutout sections so I could spread the glue on liberally without it spreading onto other rings of the cut out heart.

Here are the final results:

With all the intricate cutting and lots of assembly, this project is a bit time consuming to complete and not the best craft for young kids.  But overall, I love the results so it was worth it for a stunning, one of a kind, photo Valentine’s Day Card.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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