Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reusing Packing Material from Wall Storage Units

After we assembled the two large Expedit wall storage units for our playroom, we were left with a stack of packing paper and cardboard boxes.

Typically I would stash packing waste in our recycle bin, but it inspired me to go through the kitchen cabinets and weed out glassware and dishes we do not use regularly. I carefully wrapped these dishes in the leftover packing paper and stored them in labeled boxes complete with the date that now reside in our basement. If we don’t use these items in the next year, I have them marked to go to Goodwill.

Next I may transform the cardboard boxes into a big tunnel for my 2 year old to race cars through and make holes for surprise stuffed animal sightings…ah the possibilities for fun!

I love being able to reduce and reuse…definitely works for me!

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