Friday, June 3, 2011

Reusable Swim Diapers - A Must Have Swimming Essential for Little Ones!

With hot sunny weather, swim season is in full swing! When swimming with little ones, whether swim diapers are required or just encouraged in public pools in your area, finding a great fitting swim diaper is a must.

I was using a combination of Pampers Splashers and Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swim diapers, but even with coupons and sales the costs were really adding up and I felt bad about throwing away so many swim diapers that didn’t feel like they were doing much (disposable swim diapers have zero absorbency and we had no blowout incidents to date - thank goodness!).

So I did some quick research online and discovered reusable swim diapers last year. I purchased one for last summer and put it to the test at home and on travel before sharing here at DigiCrumbs.

Our Swim Diaper is Size X-Large - The size chart below helped us find a great fit!

I couldn’t be happier, I love our reusable swim diaper! Here are our findings on the Reusable iPlay Ultimate Swim Diaper:

- It’s Reusable making it a greener choice with less waste traveling to landfills (Eco-Friendly)
- Saves Money - we’re going on our second swim season using the same diaper and it looks and works as good as new
- Comfortable made out of soft materials that are soft and fitted for little ones
- Reduces the Amount of Stuff needed to pack for a vacation or visit with family and friends (only need to pack one reusable swim diaper versus a ton of disposables for each time you think you might swim while traveling)
- Waterproof outer layer
- Absorbent inner layer, unlike traditional disposable swim diapers that are basically designed to not hold any liquids at all. The small amount of absorbency helps when there is a short delay between the time you get your little one dressed and jump into the pool. Pee not streaming down their leg prior to pool time = a very good thing! :)
- Washable - just throw it in the washing machine when needed.
- PVC Free
- UPF 50+! (Ultraviolet Protection Factor)

- Since they’re reusable, you have a wet swim diaper to pack up and take home when you’re finished swimming. You’ll quickly find that this isn’t really a problem, because you have wet swimsuits anyway. It's just one more piece of swimwear to rinse out, hang up to dry, and bring home along with the other swimsuits.

It was a little difficult to figure out the size I needed the first time I ordered. Here’s the Swimwear Size Chart that came with the reusable swim diaper that was not posted online at the time I made my purchase at Amazon.

iPlay Swimwear Size Chart

They are available in white, prints, or even prints with shorts so they are a complete swimsuit. This year they also offer a version with snaps down one side, which would make it even better! I like to get my son a swimsuit set that includes a long sleeve rash guard, so I order the white swim diaper and slip his swimsuit over top. It looks great and works even better!

One reusable diaper worked fine for last summer, but we’re big water babies so I decided to order a second reusable swim diaper for this year. Now I have two swimsuits and two reusable swim diapers, so we can alternate if one set isn’t dry before our next swim. This was one of my best product finds of last summer, I only wish I would have discovered these reusable swim diapers sooner!

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  1. An even simpler method is to just wash and reuse the Pampers/Luvs and other "disposable" swim pants. I've done this for years and just turn them inside out to wash and hang to dry. One package lasts a long time this way and if I ever do have a dirty swim diaper, it's easy to toss it. I've had a combination of fabric and disposable swim diapers/pants for my 4 kids and am just as happy rewashing the disposables.

  2. Great idea, I've never tried reusing "disposable" swim diapers. I'm now a big fan of the soft, absorbant reusables and my toddler loves them.

    Thanks for sharing your tip!