Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pomegranate Turkeys - A fun and healthy Thanksgiving Favor or Hostess Gift

Two years ago, we tried Pomegranates and learned how to easily remove their juicy seeds from the tough exterior. Now we look forward to enjoying this super food when they're available each year. We purchased four packs at Sam’s Club and can’t wait to enjoy them. So many people commented to me in the store that they love Pomegranates when they noticed them in our cart. I barely knew about this super fruit a few years ago, but I’m so glad healthy foods are becoming popular.

This year instead of just eating the Pomegranates immediately, I decided we could use them in a craft project as part of our Thanksgiving decor and worked to transform the fruit into Pomegranate Turkeys.

I first saw the idea on Martha Stewart’s TV Show and even found a turkey template available on her website.  Rather than card stock, I used a brown paper bag from the grocery store to cut out the template.  I like the natural look it gives the Pomegranate Turkeys and it's zero cost. :)  I also chose to adhere our turkey embellishments with double sided tape rather than toothpicks that would probably pierce a few of the seeds inside and possible leak dark red juice on our table and place settings.

Pomegranate Turkeys would look great at each place setting on Thanksgiving.  Rather than a favor featuring candy, I love that Pomegranate Turkeys are a healthy, yet tasty treat to enjoy after the holiday.

This year we are celebrating Thanksgiving with family, so we made a few Pomegranate Turkeys for hostess gifts with a simple message of thanks on the back of the turkey feathers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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