Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spray Bottles for Homemade Cleaners

If you’re looking for spray bottles to store homemade cleaners, check out the garden section at Walmart. I found these great clear spray bottles in several colors that work well and cost less than a dollar.
The first spray bottle with the blue handle is from the cleaning section, but I prefer the look of my two new spray bottles from the garden section.  They all hold 24 oz of liquid with measurements on the bottle.

I switched to cleaning with vinegar a few years ago when I became a mom and was looking for a nice spray bottle to store it in. I don’t even bother diluting vinegar with water, I just use it full strength for cleaning. I’ve been using a spray bottle from the cleaning section of Walmart, but didn’t love the look of it and the large size. Plus there are so many fun homemade cleaner recipe ideas on blogs and pinterest that I want to try and these spray bottles will be just what I need to test them out.

I searched online and found spray bottle options that look promising, but they cost more so I purchased a few at our local Walmart. I’m not sure how these inexpensive spray bottles will hold up over time, but right now I’m loving this inexpensive find.

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