Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Even More Ideas for Creating a Dream Craft Room

Last year I shared a few of my favorite pictures of inspirational craft rooms.  Now has even more ideas, which is great because I'm still in the planning phase of creating a little crafting center to store and organize all my loot.  Until then, I'll just enjoy these additional inspirational craft rooms.

This white hanging wall storage unit is on my wishlist.  I plan to use it for organizing glitter, paint, small embellishments, ribbon, and more.

I love the use of a wire wastebasket to store wrapping paper.  Much prettier than a big plastic wrapping paper storage bin.

These photos remind me that I need to come up with a solution for organizing all my different paper for craft projects.
Source:  All pictures from

My favorite part about all these craft room pictures is that even though the craft storage and organization solutions are white, the spaces are so happy and bright showcasing all the colorful crafting supplies.  Makes me want to go create something!

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