Monday, November 25, 2013

Raisin Box Turkeys - Cute Thanksgiving Preschool Class Snack

I’m always trying to think of healthy snacks kids will eat. I find if you make food creative or fun they are more likely to gobble it up! It’s almost Thanksgiving, so we wanted to send in something fun to share at preschool snack time and came up with the idea of raisin boxes wrapped to look like turkeys!
Since we were also sending in apple cider and popcorn, we decided mini raisin snack boxes would work best. These were pretty easy to create, especially if you get the whole family involved. I even saved on materials by using a brown paper grocery bag to wrap the boxes like a brown turkey.

I used a scalloped circle punch to create the feathers which went super fast, but you could just cut them out freehand if you don’t have a punch and you have the time. First punch a scalloped circle out of a brown paper bag and fold it in half. Then punch three more scalloped circles in colored card stock for the feathers. Line them up so you can see all the colored feathers and cut the bottom off so they stay and insert into the folded brown scalloped circle. We just stapled our scalloped “feathers” to the brown paper that wrapped the raisin box.

We made a few turkey raisin boxes using googly eyes for my son to pass out to relatives at Thanksgiving, but for the preschool class snack we kept it super simple by using a black sharpie to draw on eyes. My 5 year old even helped, which was fun. They aren’t perfect, but they sure turned out cute and from what I hear the kids loved them!

Source List for Special Tools I used: 
These craft tools save time, but you can create Raisin Box Turkeys with scissors if time isn’t a problem.
- Fiskars Scalloped Squeeze Punch - I also use this punch for cupcake toppers. Check out the custom topper I created with this punch for my daughter's First Birthday Cake - a tiered watermelon fruit cake
- Paper Trimmer - I have a Fiskars Rotary Paper Trimmer, but any would work.

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