Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Remove Long Hair Wrapped Around Vacuum Cleaner Beater Bar

As a girl with long hair, I can tell you firsthand that all my vacuum cleaners get clogged up with tightly wound hair tangled around the beater bar. It’s not pretty, but it must be removed so we get the best clean possible on our floors.

You can try to squeeze a pair of scissors between the hair that’s tightly wound around the beater bar and snip the hair loose, but I discovered an even easier solution. Dig out your sewing tools and use a seam ripper!

A seam ripper is by far the fastest and easiest way to remove things tangled around your vacuum beater bar, especially hair. With kids hiding treasures around the house, you never know what you’re going to accidentally vacuum up.  I’ve also used a seam ripper to remove thread, ribbon, and even strands of plastic Easter basket filler wrapped around the beater bar.

After you’ve used the seam ripper to cut the hair loose, simply pull gently to remove the unwanted debris from the beater bar and it’ll be as good as new. I love when a tool has more than one use and makes a job easier.

Don't have a seam ripper, but want to give it a try?  Go to your local fabric store to pick one up or simply order a seam ripper online from Amazon.  It will be a real time saver!

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