Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Preparing for Baby - My Get Ready for Baby To Do List

Since this is our second child, my to do list is much shorter than the first time around. I don’t have a baby registry to get together and we’re not having another baby shower, but there is still much to do. I’ll add to this list as I go and hopefully cross off many items quickly. Strangers are making comments that I look like I’m carrying a basketball, so it’s definitely time to finish getting the necessities together and get ready for baby!
- Revisit Hospital Packing List and Pack My Bags
- Get baby equipment out of storage, clean, and decide if we need to replace anything (infant car seat, strollers, crib / bassinet, swing, bouncer, bathtub, changing pads, and eventually high chair, baby gates, potty, etc.)
- Research if crib or any other baby equipment was recalled (I remember hearing about a ton of crib recalls after our first child was already out of the crib. It didn’t affect us then, but it does now.)
- Decide on Baby Laundry Detergent to Wash Everything
- Sort, organize, and wash all new and hand me down baby clothing
- Make a list of things to buy (special birthday outfit, nb diapers, baby care products, etc.)
- Research best diaper and wipes deals (Coupons, Warehouse Clubs, Discount Stores, or Online?)
- Research Amazon Mom Program, decide if it's worth signing up
- Find an iPhone App to track feedings and diaper changes for first days home (last time I used a pen and clipboard!)
- Complete Hospital Pre-Registration Forms and Submit to Hospital
- Fill Out Paperwork for my Husband's Family Leave from Work - Take to doctor to fill out their portion and fax
- Install Infant Car Seat
- Skim book used in my first childbirth class for a refresher on techniques for natural childbirth
- Finalize Baby Name Choice
- Take a few Maternity Pictures
- Baby Proof the House (this one will be harder with a 4 year old in the mix)
- Freeze Some Meals
- Buy Postpartum Necessities - Good Nursing Tanks / Bras
- Plan Newborn Photo Shoot and Pictures We Want to Capture
- Decide on Baby Announcements - DIY or Printing Company
- Buy Thank You Cards and Stamps
- Start an Online Document for Baby - Capture birth story and other important information that will help complete a baby book and be an accessible place to document everything quickly.
- Organize all baby necessities and find a place for everything around the house, so everyone can help put things where they belong.

Nice To Do, but not Necessary Right Away
- Figure Out Closet Organization System
- Special Craft / DIY Projects to Decorate for Baby
- Buy another Rocking/Recliner Chair and Short Dresser (if we use the same ones we used for our son, his bedroom will be bare!)

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