Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Frozen Grapes - Healthy Summer Snack

Organic Seedless Grapes are on sale, so I scooped up two big bags one red and one green.

I enlisted my 4 year old to help pull the grapes from the stems and into the colander. He happily assisted as he recently told me his favorite things are "Cars and Cooking Things". Although this isn’t officially “Cooking Things”, preparing a tasty snack was close enough to count. The kicker is he doesn’t even like grapes at least not as far as we know, since he has refused to try them. Luckily we’re always telling him you have to try new foods because they might be good (Thanks Daniel Tiger Neighborhood! - Episode 116) and have had many successes lately. I ended up convincing him to try just one (we started with the sweeter red grape) and he liked it! He actually asked if there was strawberry juice inside. I laughed and told him no that's grape juice. Then he tried a green grape and he like it too. My favorite is to eat a small handful of both kinds together, so we decided it would be simplest to mix them as we prepped them for the freezer.
I like to freeze grapes, because they are a cool, refreshing healthy snack on a hot summer day. They keep longer in the freezer than in the fridge and can be used in a few different ways. They can be tossed into smoothies to add natural sweetness. They can be put on a toothpick or kebab stick to make frozen grapesicles. They can be tossed in beverages as "ice cubes" and unlike real ice cubes they don’t dilute your drink when they thaw. When packed in your lunch, they help keep food cold. The easiest way to enjoy them is to simply grab a few ready to eat grapes as a quick snack.

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