Monday, June 8, 2009

The Outdoor Clothes Dryer is making a Comeback!

Ah…the crisp clean smell of fresh sundried clothes! The scent, almost nostalgic, reminds me of summers during my childhood as my mother hung our clothes, towels, and sheets out to dry. Now that my family lives in a house with a yard large enough for a clothesline we too enjoy the fresh smell and warmth of clean towels and linens dried in the sunshine.

Many people make clothesline posts themselves, but we decided to purchase an affordable set of T-Posts with ground sockets. For installation, they required digging a couple of holes in the backyard which we filled with a mixed up bag of concrete to secure the sockets into the ground. After the concrete completely dried, we assembled the T-Posts, placed them into the sockets, and strung the clothesline.

This is our second summer using our outdoor clothes dryer. All in all, we are very happy with its functionality, ease of use, and consistent results. The only improvement we are making to it this summer is installing new wire enforced clothesline. The T-Post kit we purchased included a standard clothesline made of plastic which worked for a while, but over time stretched (especially when loaded with wet, heavy towels). The clotheslines can be pulled tighter and re-knotted, but since we use it often we decided it was time to upgrade to a more heavy duty line. The new wire enforced clothesline is coated in vinyl making it easy to clean. I just run a wet cloth over the lines before hanging out our clothes to remove any dirt from the lines.

Some of the advantages of owning a T-Post Clothes Dryer are that it:

  • Conserves Energy and Saves Money
  • Provides lots of Drying Space to easily accommodate large sheets and big loads of laundry
  • Features Removable Posts providing the option to conveniently remove and store your clothesline (for example, when the kids are out playing or you are entertaining, the T-Posts and clothesline can easily be removed keeping them out of sight and out of the way)

If you don’t have an outdoor clothes dryer, consider giving one a try. All you need is a little outdoor space, a clothesline, clothespins, and a laundry basket to get started. Happy Drying!

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