Sunday, September 27, 2009

$199 Wii Price Drop + $25 Gift Card at Amazon!

For those who haven't heard, the video game console makers are desperate for your attention as the Holiday season approaches. Sony dropped the price on the Playstation 3 with a new 120GB hard drive to $299. Microsoft has a few flavors of the Xbox 360: an Arcade version without a hard drive for just $199 (note you can't play old Xbox games without the hard drive), and a new Elite version with a 120GB hard drive at $299.

To respond, and keep their console as the number one seller, Nintendo dropped the price of a new Wii console to just $199. On top of that, Amazon is offering a free $25 gift card with the purchase of a console right now (unknown when they will pull this offer). Wii Console at Amazon - $199 with free shipping and no tax + a $25 Amazon gift card you can use to buy accessories or games!

We bought the Wii from Amazon a year ago when they were impossible to find - we got it for the list price without paying tax or shipping, which was a great deal by itself! For $199 this is a super deal for a great family fun gaming platform. We also got Wii Play, which is a fun family game that includes Pool, Ping Pong, Fishing, and some Kid's favorites like Cow Jumping! It comes with an extra Wiimote (the Console only comes with 1) so the game only costs you a few dollars. Wii Play with Wii Remote - $39.98. Note that for boxing and some dancing games, you will need to get a second Nunchuck - this attaches to your Wii Remote for two handed action.

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