Monday, February 1, 2010

Help for Haiti: Maximize Your Giving

Our hearts go out to everyone who’s experienced loss in Haiti. As a mom, the pictures are shocking and I’m praying for all the babies and children who have been left parentless, homeless, or injured.

Every little bit of giving helps those in need. I wanted to donate to a trusted organization that would use our donation wisely giving to those who need it most. We made a donation to the Red Cross through their website.

We also stumbled across a few companies that are matching contributions to help Haiti. By forwarding your donation confirmation email, they will match your contribution maximizing your contribution dollars. Here are a few of the companies that are matching contributions:

DealNews is matching dollar for dollar up to $50,000 when you email them your donation receipt. Go HERE for more information on the DealNews matching contributions program.

United Airlines is matching dollar for dollar up to $50,000 when you email them your donation receipt - they also reward you with 500 United miles. You can also donate miles to fly aid workers to affected areas. See instructions, which United sent via email:
1. Donate money, and we'll match your donation and thank you with 500 bonus miles: The United Airlines® Foundation will match up to a total $50,000USD in donations you make to these organizations. As both an encouragement and a thank you, we are offering a one-time bonus of 500 miles to Mileage Plus® members who donate $50USD or more. We are committed to giving away 5 million bonus miles, so please donate. To receive your miles, email your electronic receipt and Mileage Plus account number to

Donate now - American Red Cross
Donate now - Clinton Bush Haiti Relief Fund
Donate now - Operation USA
Donate now - Airline Ambassadors

2. Donate miles to support Haiti relief organizations:
Donate miles to our partner charities who are actively involved in Haiti relief efforts through our Charity Miles Program. These organizations will use your donated miles to fly aid workers to affected areas.

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