Monday, February 1, 2010

$.25 Sharpie 2 Pack at Walmart

While we were shopping on Sunday, I found an end display of Sharpies priced at $.25 in the office supplies section at Walmart. At first, I thought it was an error, but after running a pack through a price checker it was correct! They had single packages of Sharpies that cost 5 times as much down the aisle?! The $.25 price applied to a 2 pack of red Sharpies.

I’m not sure how long this discount will last or if it is available at every store, but if you’re planning an upcoming trip to Walmart it may be worth checking out the office supplies section to see if you can pick up a couple packs of cheap Sharpies.

Even though they are red, you could use them to mark the item and date on groceries to stock the freezer or on Valentine crafts.

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