Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Planning Monday - March 1st

I watched an episode of Dr. Oz showcasing superfoods and an anti-cancer shopping list full of healthy items. It further inspired me to incorporate lots of healthy food into our weekly menu. Here’s what’s on the menu at our house this week:

Beverages: Water with Lemon, Orange Juice, Cranberry-Pomegranate Juice, Mint Green Tea, Peppermint Herbal Tea, Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea

Breakfasts: Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with Cinnamon, Bananas and Walnuts, Spinach Omelets, Homemade Whole Wheat Waffles topped with Berries, Cereal

Lunches: We make enough for dinner to turn the leftovers into a quick and tasty lunch the next day.

Snacks: Apples with Cinnamon, Oranges, Cantaloupe, Homemade Hummus with Veggies(Carrots, Celery, Broccoli), Celery with Almond Butter, Organic Yogurt with Granola, Homemade Trail Mix: Walnuts, Almonds, Peanuts, Raisins, Dark Chocolate Chips (package for quick, on-the-go snacks), Edamame

Monday – Bean Burritos with Whole Wheat Tortillas, Spinach, Cheese, Chipotle Salsa, Guacamole, and Chimichurri Rice
Tuesday – Vegetable Lasagna with Spinach and Baby Bella Mushrooms, served with a Salad and Homemade Vinaigrette
Wednesday – Crockpot Chicken Curry with Potatoes, Peas, and Carrots (Hopefully I’ll finally make this recipe this week!)
Thursday – Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry with Tofu and Brown Rice
Friday – Whole Wheat Pasta Fagioli Soup served with Orange, Walnut, and Spinach Salad
Saturday – Ground Turkey and Three Bean Chili with toppers (Cheese, Onion, Salsa, Avocado, Lime Wedges, Cilantro)
Sunday – Lemon Pepper Chicken Breasts, Steamed Broccoli, Roasted Sweet Potatoes

A few ways we maintain health eating habits is to cook at home as much as possible and to have lots of healthy snack options ready to eat. What are some ways your family eats healthy?

Do you need menu planning inspiration? Go check out all the great menu plans at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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  1. wow. we must have very similar tastes. everything sounds awesome and is making me hungry :)

    Have a great week!