Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prevent Brown Sugar from getting Hard

Harold Import Brown Sugar BearContinuing to be health conscious, our family seriously cut back on adding sugar to food and even eliminate or reduce the amount of sugar in recipes we prepare. This means sugar tends to last a long time at our house. The problem with storing brown sugar for long periods of time is that it can dry out becoming hard and unusable. This is where our Brown Sugar Bear comes to the rescue!

I received a Brown Sugar Bear as an unexpected gift for my bridal shower a few years ago and he’s still working hard to keep our brown sugar soft and ready to use. I love that he’s reusable, inexpensive, and really works for me.

At less than $5, a cute little Brown Sugar Bear is the perfect addition to any kitchen, makes a great inexpensive gift, and is a great filler item for Amazon orders if you need a small amount to bump you over the $25 required to qualify for free shipping.

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