Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair - Adventures in Potty Training

Oh boy, a big box arrived from Amazon with 2 shiny new potty chairs for my little guy. Two is a must as I’m putting one upstairs and one downstairs to minimize accidents.

After researching different brands and designs, I decided to purchase Baby Bjorn Potty Chairs. With hundreds of outstanding reviews and features like a splashguard to prevent unnecessary mess (so important for boys), I was definitely sold on this potty. The Baby Bjorn Potty Chair also features a high seat back and arm rests which the child can use to help push out of the seat. The rubber bottom edge keeps the potty in place and helps protect floors from scratches. Another bonus is that it’s stable and isn’t easy to tip over like other potty chairs I’ve checked out in stores. My very favorite feature is the smooth design with an easy to remove inner potty that is super easy to dump out and wipe clean…so important!  To keep it fun, Baby Bjorn Potty Chairs are available in a variety of colors. Let your little one pick out their favorite or select a color to match your home décor.

When researching price, Amazon had the best deal on potty chairs.  Interestingly each color had a different price on Amazon when I placed my order. Blue was the least expensive by a dollar. I would have bought two blue potties, but we would like to have another baby so we’re always planning ahead and trying to be color neutral to reuse as much as possible. The white potty will reside in the downstairs bathroom and the blue potty is going in the upstairs bathroom. If they all cost the same, I would have bought two white potty chairs. Since my son loves blue, I decided to save a dollar and buy a blue potty. I figure every little bit saved is more I can put in his college fund and over time with compound interest the little amounts all add up.

With our crazy travel schedule we weren’t home enough to really work on potty training until now, but I wish I would have researched potty chairs sooner and even put them on my baby registry. My son has been showing signs of being ready to be potty trained for months now, but I didn’t have a potty for him until now.

Potty Time with sound (Noisy Training Books)We’re also reading a potty training book to help prepare called Potty Time A Noisy Training Book by Roger Priddy. My son loves the sound buttons and I’m sure the sticker chart will come in handy too.

He is so curious and excited about his new big boy potty chairs. He keeps dragging everyone who visits into the bathrooms to show off his new potties. Hopefully the preparation of reading the Potty Time book and the newness of the potty chairs will help make potty training a success. So here we go…let the potty training adventures begin!

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