Tuesday, January 4, 2011

After Christmas Shopping Deals – Wrapping Paper

It’s almost a traditional in our family to hit the stores and shop the after Christmas deals. This year we didn’t need a lot, so we just quickly scanned the after Christmas shopping sections at a few local stores and found gorgeous wrapping paper that was over 50% off.

After Christmas, I love finding rolls of fancy wrapping paper on deep discount that do not have Christmas prints and can be used for gifts all year long. You won’t see Santa, Christmas Trees, or Snowflakes on this wrapping paper. Instead we snagged paper in sparkly blues, silver stripes, gold swirls, and a unique metallic orange featuring a subtle snake skin print that my son thought was super cool. This paper will definitely add a beautiful shimmery touch to our gifts and presents for special occasions like birthdays, thank you gifts, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presents, baby shower presents, bridal shower gifts, and even wedding presents!

After Christmas, I usually stock up on items that won’t expire that can be used for the next year. I also like to donate to charities and getting at least twice as much during an after holiday sale maximizes both my savings and giving!

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