Monday, January 10, 2011

Train Birthday Cake – Choo-Choo Train Cake or Should I say Two Two Train!

For my son’s second birthday, we made homemade white cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream frosting and fresh strawberries.

When we celebrated with a larger group of family and friends at his birthday party, we made and decorated a large sheet cake to match his 2nd birthday party theme of Two Two Trains! He absolutely loves trains, so Two Two Trains couldn't have been a more fitting party theme to celebrate this special occasion. Here are some of the great Two Two Train plates, napkins, and balloons.
 Two-Two Train 2nd Birthday Dinner Plates (8) Party SuppliesTwo-Two Train 2nd Birthday Lunch Napkins (16) Party SuppliesTwo-Two Train 2nd Birthday Foil Balloon Party Supplies

The train design on the cake matches the Two! Two! Train themed birthday party supplies.  The sheet cake was half chocolate and half yellow with a marble swirl down the center. For added fun, I cut Kit Kat chocolate wafer candies in half and placed them around the perimeter of the cake to represent wooden train tracks. Everyone enjoyed the cake, especially the birthday boy. Most party guests could hardly resist walking by and sampling a piece of the wooden train tracks even after enjoying big pieces of cake.

This train cake and Two Two Train party theme definitely made for a fun second birthday celebration that was “two” cute!

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