Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iLockScreen Maker – FREE App increases your odds of getting a lost iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch returned

After our first iPhone was stolen while traveling, it occurred to me that with a screen lock engaged, someone trying to do the right thing and return a lost iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch wouldn’t know how. You could always put a sticker on your device with a name and address, but using a lock screen background with that info is a more integrated and sleek solution. I just downloaded an App called iLockScreen Maker, which allows you to quickly and easily create a custom Lock Screen background. The free version has 30 different photo frames.

iLockScreen Maker easily allows you to preview and crop your desired background image, add a frame if desired, and add a brief line of text displaying important information on your iPhone screen, for example “If found, please call (enter your name and alternate phone number)”. By adding this, at least you’ll feel like you did everything possible to enable someone who finds your lost or stolen phone to contact you to return it.

To install this free app, go to iTunes and search for “LockScreen”. They have the free version called “Create a awesome lock screen / iLockScreen Maker – Basic Frames” – quite a mouth full! It has quickly risen to the top of the free apps list.

I hope no one will ever need to wait for a call informing you your device has been found, but after experiencing the stress of having our iPhone stolen our family knows it would be much better than never having your phone returned.

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