Saturday, March 5, 2011

Homemade Cupcakes with Cross Cupcake Wrappers to Celebrate a Baptism

Last weekend was my niece’s baptism and I was asked to make a batch of homemade cupcakes to celebrate this special day.

I wracked my brain thinking about how to decorate the cupcakes to make them extra special and tie into the baptism theme. I finally decided on cross cupcake wrappers!

I found these gorgeous cross cupcake wrappers online that I absolutely love.
Paper Orchid Cross Cupcake Wrapper White, Set of 12
Since I recently got a Silhouette Digital Cutter for all sorts of crafting fun, I checked to see if they had any designs that would work. It must have been meant to be, because they actually had a cross cupcake wrapper design. I purchased it and used it to cut my own cupcake wrappers out of white cardstock. It took a bit of time, but was a great first project to learn more about my amazing Silhouette machine and to create these beautiful personalized cupcake wrappers for my niece’s baptism.

For the cupcakes, I decided to use a soft pink icing so the white crosses were sure to stand out rather than fade away into white icing. My current favorite homemade pink frosting is Strawberry Swiss Meringue with fresh puréed strawberries that tint the frosting pink, so pretty. The strawberry frosting is amazing with white cake, but I wasn’t sure how it would pair with chocolate cake. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a favorite, so I felt reassured that the flavor combinations would be winners. I made two homemade cake batters that yielded 12 white cupcakes and 12 chocolate cupcakes. I shared the yummy classic white cupcake recipe earlier in my son’s second birthday post.

I found the perfect vibrant grosgrain ribbons at Michaels Craft Store that we laced through the cross cupcake wrappers. I used the hot pink with white stitching to decorate the white cupcakes and the brown with light pink stitching to wrap the chocolate cupcakes.  The cupcakes were displayed on a 3 Tier Stand that we purchased from Sam's Club a few years ago.

The baptism was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the homemade cupcakes with special cross cupcake wrappers at the party afterward. The decadent swirls of Strawberry Swiss Meringue frosting even received rave reviews and multiple recipe requests.

I especially love how the custom cross cupcake wrappers turned out. In addition to a baptism or christening, cupcakes with cross wrappers would also be a fun and special way to celebrate a wedding, first communion, confirmation, and many more special events.

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