Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chipotle serves a New Healthier Ingredient in Colorado Restaurants

Can you guess the new ingredient Chipotle Mexican Grill is now offering in their famous gourmet burritos and bowls in Colorado?!

If you guessed Brown Rice, you’re right!!! I was so excited to see brown rice as an option. We tried it over the usual white rice and it was delicious. Just as flavorful, complete with the fresh cilantro and lime. Brown rice offers a slightly heartier texture with a hint of a nutty flavor and we absolutely love it! It’s also healthier, so I was super happy that my favorite fast casual restaurant just got even healthier.

When we returned to Pennsylvania, we stopped at Chipotle after a grocery shopping trip and to our disappointment there was no brown rice. Hopefully, Chipotle rolls out this new healthier option to all their restaurants soon. Chipotle’s brown rice tastes great and I would love for it to be offered at all Chipotle restaurants especially our local ones. We would definitely always select brown rice over white rice.

I cook at home a lot because knowing the quality of the ingredients I feed my family and where they come from is important to me. It’s scary how much fake food and chemicals sneak their way into everything these days. Chipotle is one of the few restaurants we frequent as they offer quality fresh ingredients and have a commitment to serving food with integrity.

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