Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dill - The Newest Addition to my Kitchen Garden

I love fresh herbs! I have a patio kitchen garden, which makes it super easy to grab a few springs of a variety of herbs every time I pull a meal together in the summer.

Lately I’m trying all sorts of new healthy recipes and dishes that feature flavors from other cuisines. By adding punches of flavor to our food with herbs and spices, we don’t miss the salt, sugar, and added fats that lots of recipes require.

This week I'm making a healthy Mediterranean meal topped with Greek Tzatziki Sauce. It’s not something I’ve made at home before, but we love Tzatziki at restaurants on top of Greek Plate lunches, Greek Salads, or yummy gryos. After finding a recipe, I realized I don’t have fresh dill in my garden this year. I went to the store to pick up the ingredients I’m missing and realized that a few sprigs of fresh dill cost $2.69. Before purchasing dill from the produce department, I decided to check the garden section where I found a dill plant that only cost $1! So I purchased the plant and now have plenty of fresh dill to try the new recipe and a new herb for my kitchen garden. Win - win! :)

Now I'll be on the hunt for a few more recipes that use fresh dill.

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