Wednesday, September 28, 2011

iOS 5, Finally Coming Soon!

If you are a fan of iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, or the iPad), like me, you will be excited to hear that the latest and greatest version of the iOS, 5, is finally within sight.  It seems like years since Steve Jobs first keynote about iOS 5 (in reality, it has only been about 3 months), and today Apple announced that they will be announcing something iPhone related next Tuesday, October 4th.  It is likely that Apple will announce the iPhone 5, and I am definitely excited to see if the screen gets bigger and how much faster it will be.  Alas, since we have an iPhone 4, we probably won't be upgrading to the new device any time soon, so back to the software!

Since the new iOS is so close, I wanted to refresh my memory on what was coming, a quick search found this excellent YouTube video by Apple.  If you are an iOS user, check it out!  For me, the coolest feature is probably one of the simplest - on the iPad you will now be able to swipe four fingers left or right to switch apps, and down to get to the home screen.  It is so simple, in fact, that my 2 year old watched the video and tried to use the feature already!  It was tough to explain to him it won't work until Daddy upgrades the software!

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