Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 1st Day of School Gift

It’s hard to believe it’s back to school time already! Since my son is only 2, I decided to put a little Happy 1st Day of School gift together for my niece to help her get even more excited about going to school!

She loves breaking out tape and wrapping gifts for others and she often enjoys unwrapping presents more than the actual gift itself. So I put one of my bright, shiny after Christmas wrapping paper finds to good use by wrapping up a fresh pack of vibrant crayons and a fun sticker workbook/activity book.
Something about a new pack of crayons just screams back to school time, plus it’s a great time to stock up (think Christmas gifts and donations) as they’re inexpensive right now. I especially love the educational workbooks by Roger Priddy. They’re bright, colorful, and full of fun educational activities that cover everything from basic addition to writing letters and number all while incorporating stickers and activity pages.

What a bonus, this wrapping paper is lined with a subtle checkerboard pattern making it super easy to cut just the right amount. I’m also glad it says it’s recyclable, which I wouldn't have realized since it’s shiny foil paper.

I didn’t have much luck finding any Happy Back To School printables, so I whipped one up using simple clip art and text.  It definitely works for a simple, but thoughtful Happy 1st Day of School gift for a special little one.

Happy Back To School!

PS: We’ve been traveling again, so this is getting posted much later than planned. I’ll be adding a few Hawaii and possibly California travel posts soon as well as the usual fun. It’s good to be back home in PA, flooding and all.

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