Friday, September 30, 2011

Koret's Children's Quarter in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

As I was skimming an old issue of American Baby magazine, my 2 year old who was "reading" over my shoulder got super excited when he saw this picture of Koret's Children's Quarter a huge play park in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
Photo of Koret's Children's Quarter in American Baby Magazine March 2011
The magazine says that it has areas for kids of every age including babies.  There's also a carousel.  Koret's Children's Quarter was established in the 1880s and is considered to be the first public playground in the country, a pretty impressive stat.  My husband and I have visited San Francisco many times, but never stopped by this spot (not too surprising as we didn't have children when visiting).

Koret's Children's Quarter in Golden Gate Park is now on our travel list.  The next time we're visiting San Francisco for longer than an airport layover, our family is definitely going to check it out!

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