Thursday, October 6, 2011

Product Recalls - The Website and Mobile App to Check for Recalled Products

Do you pay attention to food recalls?  According to an old issue of Shape magazine: 41 percent of Americans ignore nationwide food recalls (source: Rutgers' Food Policy Institute).

I definitely pay attention when I'm aware of a food recall that may affect our family, but never really knew where to go for accurate, up to date information.  The article indicates that you can check the list at

I just checked out the website and I'll be honest I usually think we're OK, because we try to avoid processed foods, but interestingly there have been a lot of fresh fruits and veggies recalled too. also offers a mobile app that allows you to have important product recall safety information on the go.  This will be especially useful if you're interested in checking for recalls on something you may want to buy.  I haven't tried the app myself yet, but it also says that it shares photos of recalled products and informs you on what to do with recalled products in your home.

This won't be a site I check everyday, but I'm glad to know where to go for recalled product information.

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