Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Decorating Surprises - 3 Year Old Boy Style

My son is really into Christmas this year, and has been super excited about decorating the tree ever since we set it up after Thanksgiving.

I like to make decorating the Christmas tree a family activity that we work on together while enjoying some minty hot chocolate and homemade and yummy.

My son keeps asking about putting “Christmas Balls” on the Christmas Tree. I told him we would decorate the tree together this week when everyone was home to share in the fun. He accepted my explanation and patiently waited to put ornaments on the tree or so I thought...

I later realized he took matters into his own hands, when I noticed a few little “decorations” he decided to sneak in. :) It’s definitely not what I would have planned to put on our Christmas Tree, but Trucks, Cars, or anything with wheels is very “in” right now around this house.

Sometimes the unexpected is exactly what is needed to brighten the day and make you smile!

Make sure to throw in something unexpected in your decorating this year. It just might be a highlight of your Christmas Tree.

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