Friday, March 20, 2015

Easy Pirate Bananas - A fun and healthy PreSchool Class Snack

Arrr! We've gone a little pirate crazy around here with another fun snack to share with the PreSchool class.

Since my son loves cooking, the process of dreaming up a new snack idea or finding one online to try is something fun we do together. We decided to send in a whole fruit, a banana, for each student. To make it fun, we turned each banana into a pirate (totally pinterest inspired by this photo). We also sent in a bag of Pirate’s Booty, which are basically cheesy poofs with a short ingredients list.

To make pirate bandannas, we folded red napkins, then wrapped one around each banana securing it with tape. I used a black marker to draw the pirate faces and verified the marker did not pass through the peel and damage the fruit.
From what my son reports, every kid wanted a pirate banana and some even asked for seconds! He was so excited when he came home from school that he wanted to turn an orange as well as a list of other food items into pirates. I love his enthusiasm and never ending big ideas, but we decided to come up with another theme for our next fun food adventure.

A healthy pirate banana would make a great addition to a lunch box too.
PS:  Wow, I'm behind posting this PreSchool snack we shared last year.  I guess they're an oldie but a goodie at this point.  I'm planning to sneak one of these fun pirate bananas in his lunchbox now that he's a Kindergarten kid.  This would have been great during the week leading up to in costume  :)

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