Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kids Sized Garden Gloves

I’ve been hunting high and low for a pair of kid sized garden gloves for my little landscape and garden helper.

This was harder than it sounded as we first checked home improvement stores, but all the stores we visited only sold adult size garden gloves.

I found just what I was looking for at Walmart.  On this shopping trip, I was happy when my 3 year old wanted to peruse their selection of cars and trucks, because it led me to these fun finds:
Not a car or truck, but Disney themed Kid Sized Garden Gloves with matching Garden Trowels.  Available in options for boys and girls, red Disney Cars with Lightning McQueen and pink Disney Princesses. These gloves were not in the garden section, but near the end of the aisle in the toy section (not where I would normally look for garden gloves).

We did find the garden section to pick out seed packets and they have a small selection of different kid sized garden gloves, but did not have these Disney garden gloves in the garden area just the toy section.

Just thought I would share, in case anyone is looking for kid size garden gloves too.  Check out Walmart or try online.  Amazon has a few nice options like these fun, colorful Kids Garden Gloves (they also have a larger selection of Disney Garden Gloves and accessories) too.

I put these gloves, garden trowels, and a packet of seeds in Easter Baskets.  We can’t wait for the kids to put their garden gloves to good use and get dirty!

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