Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Shower Ideas - Food Fun, Cut Out Cheese & Crackers

Here’s a quick and easy fun food item to serve at a baby shower - Cut Out Cheese & Crackers.

You’ll need: Serving Tray, Crackers, Blocks of Cheese, Mini Cookie Cutters

Lay out your favorite crackers on a serving tray. We used a variety of whole wheat and multigrain crackers. Carefully slice your favorite block of cheese, so you can cut out shapes with mini cookie cutters.  Place one cheese cutout on top of each cracker...super easy!

Tip:  Don't throw away the leftover scraps of cheese, simply save them in a container in your refrigerator and use them in a dish your family will enjoy.  They make the perfect topping for chili, salad, pizza, eggs, burgers, mac & cheese, and more.

Try using mini cookie cutters that match the theme of your baby shower. We used cute Mini Animal Metal Cookie Cutters that worked well with our Noah’s Ark themed baby shower. I just love these Mini Noah's Ark Cookie Cutters, they come in a 6 piece set including a horse, ark, elephant, bear, giraffe and lion.

These fun cheese and cracker appetizers were popular with both kids and adults at the baby shower and would also make a special snack for kiddos at home or in their lunchbox even if you’re not planning a baby shower.

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