Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Witches Broomsticks - Quick & Easy Halloween Treat or Covered Dish

If you need a quick and easy Halloween Treat to share at a party or with family, give these simple 2 ingredient Witches Broomsticks a try. I first spotted Witches Broomsticks on Pinterest from Make and Takes and knew they would be a fun covered dish for our family Halloween Party.

All you need are mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Pretzel Sticks. We even used Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks, so Grandma could enjoy some too. Our Witches Broomsticks were plated on a big orange pumpkin shaped serving tray...fun and festive.

Notice the broken broomstick! See tips for easier assembly.
Tips for Assembly: I like to first remove all paper wrappers from the peanut butter cups, so no tiny pieces of paper or foil end up in your final dish. If your Witches Broomsticks crack or break into bits rather than smoothly going together, here are a few tricks we learned after our initial assembly attempts. First, make sure the peanut butter cups aren’t too cold. They work best when room temperature or even a little warm to start. Another key to success was realizing that if the pretzel sticks are a little thick, take a steak knife and carefully whittle one end to a point (like a pencil) to insert into the candy. This worked so well, that after we discovered this method all of our broomsticks turned out perfectly, unlike early attempts which sported cracks across the top of the peanut butter cup or big chunks of candy breaking off. Not that those less presentable treats were a total loss, just more tasty samples for the hard working Halloween Party Planners. :)

Thanks again to Make and Takes for the creative inspiration. These were a big hit at our Halloween Party, all the Witches Broomsticks quickly disappeared.  It’s hard to go wrong with the irresistible combination of pretzels and chocolate...yummy!

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