Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cookbooks on my Wishlist

Shopping for me is sometimes tough, but this year I already have a list of new cookbooks I would love to add to my collection.

Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook
With a baby on the way and a busy preschooler on the go, I know my schedule is going to be turned upside down very soon.  I would love to stock the freezer with made from scratch meals to get us through those sleepless nights and crazy first days as we adjust to our new normal.  It will also be great to give some of these ideas and recipes a test drive during the holidays.  I enjoy Jessica's blogs, so her cookbook, Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook, couldn't have been released at a better time to help me learn some new tips and tricks from a mom who manages to successfully juggle family, food, and fun.

Weelicious: 140 Fast, Fresh, and Easy Recipes
I recently discovered the weelicious blog, from reading other moms rave about how their picky eaters love the recipes, and am already a big fan.  When I realized Catherine just released a cookbook, Weelicious: 140 Fast, Fresh, and Easy Recipes, I immediately added it to my wishlist.  This is just the kind of book that my little guy would love to peruse and select recipes we can make together.  It features everything from baby food to family meals everyone will enjoy.  I especially love that she incorporates lots of healthy ingredients.  The photos look amazing, can't wait to try these fun recipes on my crew.

Slow Cooker Revolution
Americas Test Kitchen's cookbooks are my go to for many favorite recipes.  I also love my slow cooker and could definitely use some tasty new recipes and interesting new ways to get the most out of this handy kitchen appliance.  In fact, I've already flagging some of the 200 recipes to try from the index!

The America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen
The America's Test Kitchen Series of Family Cookbooks (ring bound editions) are hands down my favorites in my cookbook collection, especially the original red Family Cookbook.  Their recipes, although sometimes time consuming to prepare, are always winners.  I don't think I've made a bad one in the bunch.  I'm curious if this book has similar recipes made faster or if it has new recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.  I just hope it isn't replacing healthy ingredients with prepackaged unhealthy items.  I'm looking forward to checking out this new Quick addition to the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbooks.  QUICK definitely sounds great right now, especially if the quality and taste of the recipes live up to the other America's Test Kitchen cookbooks.

Now I just need to decide: Kindle or traditional hardcover/paperback books.  I love the flexibility of the kindle cookbooks I own (especially since I have them with me when visiting family or traveling), but it's also fun to flip through the pages of a real book with my son and pick something to make together.  I'm leaning toward Kindle for these cookbooks, since I can still peruse cookbooks with my little guy with my Kindle app, they'll be accessible wherever we're at, super easy to search, less to store in our house, and it will make borrowing library books even more special.

Do you have a favorite cookbook or one your recommend, I would love to know.  Thanks!

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