Thursday, November 1, 2012

Treats for Classroom Halloween Party

Kids get so much candy from trick-or-treating, I thought we could come up with a fun alternative for my son’s Preschool Class Halloween Party. I love a good DIY project and especially enjoy coming up with something creative, but with Hurricane Sandy powering through Pennsylvania and cancelling school for several days, I decided to go the quick and easy route this year. I brainstormed a long list of non-candy Halloween treats, but as I was rattling off ideas my boy stopped at Play-Doh and was excited.
We found individually wrapped Play-Doh in a school bus box at Walmart and also picked up Halloween Themed Treat Bags to package the gifts. The only thing I designed and created for this Halloween party favor was label tags for each package that simply said “Happy Halloween! From, Matthew”. I alternated Halloween colors of green, purple, and orange for the Happy Halloween and printed all the labels on one sheet of white card stock that was easy to cut apart with a paper trimmer. I made them into little banners and punched a hole in one end to attach them to the bags.

We only needed 14 total, so my husband, son, and I formed an assembly line and made quick work of packaging up the Play-Doh classroom treats. We then packaged them back in the fun school bus box for easy transport to school. As much as my little guy loves using play dough, I think he may love that school bus box even more!

There’s 10 little Play-Doh containers left over from this project, that I stored away for other small gifts or perhaps Christmas stocking stuffers.

This was a super quick and easy Halloween Treat for my son to share with his class.
Hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween!

If you have a larger class, Amazon offers a Mega-Pack of Play-Doh with 36 individual containers.

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