Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pre-School Valentines Cards

I love seeing all the creative handmade valentines on blogs and pinterest.  I usually love designing and making my own too, but with a baby on the way I decided to check out what the stores offered for classroom style valentines this year.

I was actually surprised to find a great selection that even included small gifts at an inexpensive price.  We purchased a pack of valentines at Walmart for $2.47 and they had similar sets at Target for $3.00.  There were quite a few fun options to choose from, but my son immediately gravitated to the Disney Cars valentines that included pencils.  It seems like all the kids in his class are really into erasing things right now, so whether they want to practice writing their name or just have fun with the eraser they should be a hit.
His class recently took a field trip to the post office complete with a behind the scenes tour.  Each child will get to be the "mailman" at school, hand delivering their valentines to the mailboxes they each made during preschool class.  Our store bought valentines did not come with envelops, so that's the only thing we added to make it a little easier to deliver the cards and ensure the pencils wouldn't fall out.  Plus it's fun to open a surprise card.

I found stamping markers that were being discontinued at IKEA.  The red marker has a heart stamper, perfect to decorate the envelops.  I never heard of stamp markers before, but they are super fun and easy to use.

If you're looking for stamp markers, I also found cute Stamp Marker Activity Pads made by Melissa and Doug in pink and blue that would be perfect as a small gift, to put in an Easter basket, or just to have at the ready for rainy day fun.  I ordered the blue one for my little guy and I already know which stamp marker will be his favorite...definitely the red car!

I would love to check out everyone's valentines!  I've been busy pinning all sorts of fun Valentines Day inspiration on Pinterest.

Happy Valentines Day!

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