Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hi Five Birthday Card - Fun way to gift money!

My son turns five this year along with lots of his preschool age friends. With the first birthday party invitation for a soon-to-be five year old rolling in, I wanted to come up with a fun way to give a five dollar bill as part of the birthday gift. I came up with the idea of a high five birthday card!

Front of the Card

My son is into making all sorts of handprint art projects, so we started by making a handprint with paint. As an alternative, you could trace a hand onto paper if paint is not your favorite or you don’t have any around the house.

Then I printed “Hi” in a thought bubble on white cardstock, although this could just as easily be hand drawn with a black sharpie. We cut out the “Hi” and “handprint” and taped them to the front of the card. I then drew a couple lines beside the hand to help make it look like it’s waving.

Inside the Card

If you want to be quick, you can just tape a five dollar bill inside and call it done. To take it up a notch, print and cut out a giant “5” out of cardstock. Carefully tape the top of the five and the very end of the 5 to the card leaving the loop not taped, so you can slide the five dollar bill through the loop.

Simply fold the five dollar bill and slide it into the loop of the 5.

I think it’s worth the extra effort of creating a giant cardstock 5, so after the five dollar bill is removed the card still reads Hi - 5 and it provides a convenient place to hold the five dollar bill without needing to tape it to the card.

This project turned out super cute and was fun to create with my little man. I hope it was fun for the birthday boy too!

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