Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mummy Wrapped Candy Bars - Creative Halloween Candy Gift

Each year I like to make something different for our family Halloween party, usually a fun food item. This year I was in charge of getting together prizes for the winning costumes. As part of each prize package, we included a candy bar. To keep it interesting, the candy bars were in costume too, each one was wrapped like a mummy!

First I cut small rectangles of black cardstock to the width of the candy bars, glued on googly eyes, and taped them to the chocolate bar.

Then I folded strips of white streamer, so I could cleanly cut it in half with one snip of the scissors.

These half strips were perfect to cover the top of the mummy (above the eyes). Just tape an end of the streamer to the back of the candy bar and wrap to look like a mummy. This cutting technique could be used to create any width streamer for all different sized candy bars, even the little minis.

For the lower section of the candy bar, I used full size streamers which provide nice coverage super fast.

I love how they turned out, they sure do look like real mummies!

We usually have some scary costumes show up at our family Halloween party. I’m more into cute Halloween style than the spooky stuff especially with little kiddos, so to add even more fun I created a simple tag to slip over the mummy candy bars that said, “Yikes, look at that costume. I want my Mummy!”. I placed the mummy candy bars in gift bags, so the big winners could read them as they opened their gift. It was fun to watch everyone's reaction.

Whether you need costume prizes, party favors, or just a fun treat for the special people or little trick-or-treaters in your life, mummy wrapped candy bars are a fun addition to Halloween!

Stay tuned as I post the rest of this years Halloween Costume Prize Packages soon!

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